Supplier News

  1. Automated Pallet Tracking Monitors Packaging And Distribution
    Located in the Midwest, a large food processing facility produces more than 200,000 boxes of one cereal-type alone. As a part of their automated production, the facility needs to monitor how many boxes of cereal are actually shipped from their facility each day. To accomplish this, three Microscan MS-890 bar code scanners are mounted onto each post-packaging line. Submitted by Microscan
  2. Automated Print And Apply Verification System Trace The Location And Contents Of Pallets
    One of the largest tobacco companies in the world, produces several popular cigarette brands at a Czech facility. There Microscan bar code scanners play a vital role in the automated print and apply verification system to ensure the company can accurately trace the location and contents of each pallet down to the shipping case level. Submitted by Microscan
  3. Patch Antenna Miniaturization Through Electromagnetic Genetic Algorithm Optimization
    By Naftali Herscovici, MIT - Lincoln Labs, James Ginn, UCF, and Tony Donisi and David Vye, Ansoft Corporation
    Genetic algorithm optimization is well suited to working with existing electromagnetic simulation technologies, often yielding results that achieve the performance targets with a unique structure that is non-intuitive to the antenna designer. In this article, a genetic algorithm script is utilized in conjunction with a planar electromagnetic simulator to perform novel pattern synthesis of a patch antenna...
  4. Hotpack Large Capacity Glassware Washers Uniquely Designed For High Volume Washing
    Hotpack Large Capacity, Top-of-the-Line Washers feature a unique triple tube spray system that is unmatched in the market, making them ideal for high volume washing in large laboratories and research centers.
  5. Production Scale — UHF Passive RFID Is A Reality Today By Peter Blair, Reva Systems
    Over the past several years much has been written about the promise and potential of UHF passive radio frequency identification and in some circles the hype has bordered on nonsensical. If you have been skeptical about this technology, you are in good company. The misplaced idea that RFID was simply bar code replacement, the expensive price points for tags and readers, and the generally poor performance of most first generation solutions have all limited UHF passive RFID implementations to uniquely interesting pilots and proof-of-concepts. Or have they? Submitted by Reva Systems
  6. The Promise Of WiMAX: Complexity And Opportunity
    By Antonio Policek, Tektronix
    Mobile WiMAX (known in the industry as IEEE 802.16e) is gaining attention among carriers and network equipment manufacturers due to its potential for success as a step toward 4G mobile technology. WiMAX offers a cost-effective path toward mass-market adoption of wireless broadband services
  7. Genesis Freeze Dryers Offer Versatility For Pilot Research Or Small Scale Production Applications
    Genesis freeze dryers offer outstanding versatility for pilot, research, or small scale production applications. Part of the VirTis product line, these freeze dryers incorporate the technology and experience associated with the VirTis name...
  8. Vibration Measurements In Aerospace Development
    Structural testing is an integrated part of aerospace product design, development and manufacture. It is an essential step to ensure performance, quality, safety and reliability in the final product
  9. Software-Defined Radio Testing Using Real-Time Signal Analysis
    By Tektronix
    Software-defined radios are driving the integration of digital signal processing and radio frequency capabilities. This integration allows software to dynamically control communications parameters such as the frequency band used, filtering, modulation type, data rates, and frequency hopping schemes. Software radios, however, introduce a host of new problems not present in traditional wireless designs...
  10. Seaquist Closures Increases Productivity And Inventory Accuracy With Glacier Computers
    Seaquist Closures, located in Mukwonago, WI, had a need to increase productivity in conducting quarterly inventories. It produces closures that allow consumers to easily pour, squirt, and spread everything from sports drinks to grape jelly to toothpaste and laundry detergent. Submitted by Glacier Computer