Supplier News

  1. SURFCAM Velocity 4 Released
    Surfware, Inc., developer of SURFCAM® CAD/CAM software, recently announced the release of SURFCAM Velocity® 4. Powerful new features have been added to the SURFCAM 3-Axis and Multi-Axis products.
  2. Assessing Product Reliability Through Temperature Cycling
    The FTS ThermoJet from SP Industries, Inc. is a precision-controlled temperature forcing system designed to rapidly change the temperature of a product or device under test.
  3. Surfware Inc. Receives Patent For Engagement Milling (TrueMill®)
    Surfware Inc., developer of SURFCAM CAD/CAM software, announced recently that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a patent (number 7451013) for its Engagement Milling technology.
  4. SURFCAM Velocity 4 Beta Shipped, Wins Praise From Testers
    Surfware, Inc. announced recently that the beta version of its flagship CAM software, SURFCAM Velocity 4, is in the last phase of testing and has been made available to SURFCAM Beta Users.
  5. Surfware Inc. Announces New Aerospace Application Engineer, Josh Lucas
    Surfware Inc., developer of SURFCAM Velocity CAD/CAM systems, announced recently that Josh Lucas has joined the firm as an Aerospace Application Engineer.
  6. Surfware Adds Two Physicist/Programmers To Its Expanding R&D And Programming Staff
    Surfware, Inc., developer of SURFCAM Velocity CAD/CAM systems Powered by TrueMill , recently announced that Nolan Snell has joined Surfware as a Senior Software Developer and Maurice McKay has joined the firm as a R&D Engineer.
  7. Surfware, Inc. And Swift-Carb CNC To Launch Swift-Carb TrueMill® Certified Series Of Cutters At IMTS 2008
    Surfware, Inc., developer of SURFCAM® CAD/CAM systems and Kent, Washington-based Swift-Carb CNC, a New Tech cutting tools company, announced recently that cutting tools built specifically to optimize TrueMill’s patented cutter path will be launched in September, 2008 at IMTS (the International Manufacturing Technology Show) in Chicago.
  8. What Is S1000D™?
    S1000D™ is an international specification for technical publications, utilizing a Common Source Database. It was originally introduced to the European community by the Association Européenne des Constructeurs de Matériel Aérospatial (AECMA), representing the aerospace industry. By definition: “S1000D™ is an international specification for the procurement and production of technical publications.”
  9. Influence Of Concentration And Fill Depth On Product Resistance Of Sucrose During Freeze Drying
    The objective of the study described in this article was to characterize product resistance as a function of dry layer thickness for various sucrose solutions using SMART Freeze-Dryer technology. This new approach employs manometric temperature measurement (MTM) for the optimization of a lyophilization process during the first laboratory experiment. Submitted by FTS Systems
  10. Victrex PEEK Polymer Cost Effective Solution For Injection Molded Parts
    Allied Aerospace switched to VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer as a cost-effective solution for injection-molded parts for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)