Supplier News

  1. Finding The Right Memory For Your Mobile Phone Design
    This white paper provides memory recommendations for basic, feature- rich, and smartphone mobile phone designs. It discusses memory options including SRAM, PSRAM, and Mobile SDRAM and examines how density, system architecture, caching, and burst operation specifications affect your design decision.
  2. Matcon And NASA Partner With Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)
    SmartDrum and discharge station system, when coupled with its containment technology will offer a level of material control that is necessary for NASA’s space age program.
  3. Pursuing Manufacturing Excellence through Real-time Performance Management and Continuous Improvement
    Manufacturers are feeling new pressure on their operations coming from many directions. In many companies, it falls to IT to envision new business possibilities in concert with the technologies needed to realize them. At the same time, the usual job of reducing the cost of doing business through increased efficiency and productivity cannot be ignored. This paper outlines how modern solutions can support both strategies at the same time. Submitted by SAP Americas.
  4. We Can Learn A Lot About RFID ROI From The Evolution Of The Commercial Internet By Ashley Stephenson, Reva Systems, Inc.
    To say that we can learn a lot about RFID ROI from the evolution of the commercial Internet need not invoke ‘Enron economics’ or irrational stock valuations. Submitted by Reva Systems, Inc.

  5. The State Of The Art In Finance
    In the wake of recent accounting scandals and the increasingly competitive business environment, many CFOs and the finance organizations they lead have started to take on new strategic roles within the enterprise. This SAP Insight will discuss recent trends and best practices, as well as provide examples for those companies with best-practice processes, models, and technologies. Submitted by SAP Americas.
  6. Real-Time Spectrum Analysis For WLAN And Combo Devices
    By Tektronix
    Wireless combo devices that incorporate multiple RF communications protocols such as WLAN, Bluetooth, and 3G cellular standards are becoming increasingly popular, enhancing connectivity and performance in the wireless marketplace. This application note focuses on key measurement issues for WLAN and combo devices, and how real-time spectrum analysis addresses those issues...
  7. Software Defined Radio: An Integrated Test Method For Designing Software Communications Architecture (SCA) Compliant Radios
    By Tektronix
    Software defined radio (SDR) provides a framework to support multiband-multimode radios, global roaming, runtime reconfigurability, and over-the-air programming, thus potentially alleviating issues arising with the deployment of new communications standards. This article explores the special challenges SDR developers face when testing and validating their designs...
  8. E2V Technologies’ CCD Image Sensors Utilized In Space Science
    e2v’s imaging CCD (charge coupled device) technology is making contributions to space science. Currently orbiting Mars, Venus and Earth, amongst other planetary bodies, the image sensing technology is helping to provide scientific data on the planets in our solar system...
  9. Leading Aviation Financial Services Company Improves Contracts Management Processes And Reduces Liability Risks
    A leading California-based financial services company supporting the aviation industry was faced with mounting costs involved with management of aircraft lease, purchase, and sale agreement documents. To help address their identified need for improvements in the contract management process, the company turned to Continental DataGraphics (CDG). Submitted by Continental DataGraphics
  10. Delcam’s 15,000th Customer Is Russian Helicopter Plant
    The sale was significant as it was one of the largest orders won by Delcam’s strong network of offices in the country and is another example of the company’s growing reputation in the aerospace industry...