Product Showcase

  1. TrueMill
    TrueMill is a significant milestone step in the long history of machining. TrueMill is the name for a patented set of discoveries centered on controlling tool engagement while machining a part of almost any type or material. By controlling the tool’s engagement with the material, TrueMill has repeatedly proven to greatly increase material removal rates (MRR), decrease cycle times and extend tool life.
  2. SURFCAM Standard Features
    SURFCAM offers numerous standard features for ease of use and compatibility.
  3. SURFCAM Velocity 4
    SURFCAM Velocity 4 CAD/CAM software provides an amazing array of new, top quality and versatile features. Add to this an enhanced user interface and you get the best, most intuitive and easiest-to-use CAM product on the market today.
  4. Production Lyophilizers
    Hull designs, manufactures, installs, and services cGMP vacuum freeze drying equipment (lyophilizers) for the reliable preservation of a wide range of pharmaceutical and fine chemical products.
  5. CDG Technical Publications Services
    With a highly skilled, global talent pool of hundreds of technical authors, illustrators, data analysts, and parts documentation specialists, CDG offers comprehensive Technical Publications Services to support engineering and manufacturing organizations.
  6. CDG Engineering Design Services
    With an available staff of hundreds of highly skilled engineers, CDG offers comprehensive Engineering Design Services to help support engineering and manufacturing organizations in a number of engineering design disciplines.
  7. CDG Lean Advisory Services
    Lean has long been known as a tool for improving manufacturing production processes. What many people may not realize is that outside of the manufacturing production arena, Lean process improvements can have remarkable impacts on every other back-office business area as well. In this area of back-office Lean efficiency practices, CDG excels.
  8. Benchmark Series Freeze Dryer
    Pilot to production scale freeze dryers - The Benchmark Series Freeze Dryers are engineered to process pilot to production scale batches of pharmaceutical and biotech products. Custom configured to your freeze drying requirements.
  9. 8 mm Diameter Zero-Backlash Gearhead
    MicroMo Electronics, Inc. announces the addition of a metal spur zero backlash gearhead with the release of the Series 08/3
  10. Size 17 Brushless DC Motor
    MicroMo's new division Micro-Drives introduces a size 17 brushless DC micro-motor for OEM applications requiring cost-effective power and reliability