Product Showcase

  1. PA2-100 Miniature Optical Encoder
    MicroMo Electronics, Inc. announces the expansion of its encoder product line with the addition of its PA2-100. Leading the way again in miniature motor feedback development, MicroMo now provides a high-resolution, low current-draw optical encoder in a 10mm and 12mm diameter package.
  2. Smart IPC™
    Smart IPC provides complex equipment manufacturers, operators, and their maintenance service providers with a highly specialized, interactive Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) that is easily accessible via a web browser interface.
  3. Digital Imaging & Engineering Conversion Services
    CDG can help you transform your critical documents and engineering information into a number of digital formats with comprehensive digital imaging and engineering data conversion services, including "paper to CAD" conversion.
  4. Vapor Trap
    FTS Vapor traps are mechanically refrigerated cold traps that protect expensive vacuum pumps from harmful vapors which can shorten their life. The harmful vapors constitute any condensable gases such as water vapor, which, when allowed into the vacuum pump oil, cause it to break down. This results in decreased lubrication and can eventually cause failure of the pump.
  5. Mechanically Refrigerated Bath
    Mechanically Refrigerated Bath by SP Industries, Inc.
  6. Genevac HT-4X Evaporator

    Genevac's original HT-4 and the new HT-4X centrifugal vacuum evaporator has been specifically designed for drug discovery laboratories, from medicinal chemistry, to purification and metabolism studies.

  7. SolidWorks Associativity
    Powerful associativity enables users to open native SolidWorks files directly into SURFCAM, completely eliminating the translation process. SURFCAM automatically recognizes any design revisions in the solid model and regenerates only affected toolpaths. With this seamless interoperability, SURFCAM users can quickly adapt to myriad design changes.
  8. TrueMill
    TrueMill is a significant milestone step in the long history of machining. TrueMill is the name for a patented set of discoveries centered on controlling tool engagement while machining a part of almost any type or material. By controlling the tool’s engagement with the material, TrueMill has repeatedly proven to greatly increase material removal rates (MRR), decrease cycle times and extend tool life.
  9. SURFCAM Standard Features
    SURFCAM offers numerous standard features for ease of use and compatibility.
  10. SURFCAM Velocity 4
    SURFCAM Velocity 4 CAD/CAM software provides an amazing array of new, top quality and versatile features. Add to this an enhanced user interface and you get the best, most intuitive and easiest-to-use CAM product on the market today.