News | November 30, 2016

World Patent Marketing Says It's Time To Reinvent The Black Box With A New Airplane Invention

World Patent Marketing reviews a new airplane invention. Will the Ejection Protection Black Box be the next World Patent Marketing low cost success story?

Miami, FL (PRWEB) - World Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and engineer of patented products, introduces the Ejection Protection Black Box, an airplane invention that allows aircraft to land more safely and allows them to be more easily found in the event of a crash.

“The global airplane manufacturing industry is worth $404 billion,” says Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing. “Revenue for this industry will increase as the economy grows, allowing operators to replace their fleets."

“One of the most important parts of a plane is the black box,” says Jerry Shapiro, Director of Manufacturing and World Patent Marketing Inventions. “If it becomes damaged, it becomes much more difficult to land a plane or provide rescue operations for it. This airplane invention protects that important part.”

The Ejection Protection Black Box is an airplane invention that keeps planes safe by ensuring that their black boxes are undamaged. Black boxes are a vital component of airplanes that constantly record and transmit huge amounts of information on how the plane is flying. If lost, things can be disastrous since the plane becomes harder to locate and crashing becomes a much higher possibility. This invention ejects the black box from a plane if it detects any major malfunction that will cause a plane to crash. It alerts the aircraft that has a major malfunction, allowing it to land safely, while the black box stays clear of the crash, allowing it to remain undamaged. The Ejection Protection Black Box is even equipped with technology that avoids water and makes it head for the nearest land to prevent it from being lost in the ocean. This will help save countless lives by avoiding potentially dangerous plane crashes and keeping the black box safe to allow the survivors to be located and rescued.

“The Ejection Protection Black Box will save so many lives as people travel aboard any aircraft because it will alert the pilots of any malfunction that will cause the aircraft to crash, allowing them time to land safely,” says inventor Kathy Lynn Nixon. “There will no longer ever again be a need to worry about where an aircraft went down. Black boxes will never ever again be lost among the crash site of any aircraft. Data will be retrieved from all aircraft and any last messages passengers may have sent will be intact when the Black Box is retrieved. Because of the Ejection Protection Black Box, if a crash occurs and there are still people alive, a rescue team will be able to get to them faster now because a satellite will be able to pinpoint exactly where the aircraft went down. It will allow the pilots to maneuver the aircraft away from incoming missiles, so when an aircraft strays into enemy airspace unknowingly and that country wants to blow them out of the air, the pilot will be alerted and the aircraft will have time to maneuver the aircraft away from the incoming missile.”

The Ejection Protection Black Box is an airplane invention that helps protect a plane’s black box, giving several benefits to the plane and its passengers such as safe landings during a crash, being more easily found by a rescue team, and the ability to maneuver out of the way of missiles.

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