News | December 23, 2008

Velocity 4 Filled With Robust, Exciting, And Useful New Features

Source: Surfware Inc.

Surfware, Inc., developer of SURFCAM® CAD/CAM software, recently announced the release of SURFCAM Velocity® 4. Powerful new features have been added to the SURFCAM 3-Axis and Multi-Axis products. These new capabilities, along with many other enhancements in SURFCAM Velocity 4, fulfill wide-ranging customer requirements.

3-Axis Machining
Dedicated high-speed machining (HSM) nishing strategies feature smooth and uid toolpaths that ensure superior surface nish. New features include faster processing, multiple processor support, automatic arc ltering, optimized retracts, and adaptive stepdown.Among the newly implemented HSM operations are Rest Machining, Steep/Shallow, O set Pencil and 3D O set. There's more!

4/5-Axis Machining
SURFCAM Velocity 4 provides true simultaneous 4- and 5-axis machining, full visualization and veri cation. You'll gain precise control over every aspect of multi-axis machining, with the new capabilities ensuring safe tool motion in the most challenging applications. Highlights include new gouge avoidance strategies, enhanced swarf machining, enhanced lead-in/out, gap handling and new retract types.

Velocity 4 "New Features Training/Overview"
To get an in-depth jump start on using the software, please visit our website at and view the new SURFCAM Velocity® 4 Training/Overview on 3-Axis and 4/5-Axis features. This information is located in the Knowledgebase/Velocity 4 Overview section.
Use the same login you use for the Technical Tips section.

We hope you enjoy and bene t from this great new release. The product roadmap ahead gets even better! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. A full training schedule will be posted on the Training page of our website soon.

About Surfware, Inc.
Surfware, Inc., the developer of SURFCAM Velocity CAD/CAM systems and the award-winning TrueMill technology, provides optimal solutions for today's manufacturing challenges. Surfware, Inc. traces its roots back to three generations of Diehl family members involved in machining. Surfware's co-founder Alan Diehl and mathematician Pat Patterson are the principal co-inventors of TrueMilll. For additional information on SURFCAM Velocity 4 Powered by TrueMill, visit

SOURCE: Surfware Inc.