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Unical Aviation Inc. Expands With Unical Engines Office In Miramar, Florida

Miramar, FL /PRNewswire/ - Unical Aviation Inc., a global leader in aircraft parts and components, proudly announces the expansion of its commercial engine business with the establishment of Unical Engines in Miramar, Florida. This strategic move reinforces Unical's commitment to provide comprehensive solutions for the commercial engine aftermarket.

Key Highlights:

  1. Experienced Team: Unical Engines is staffed with a seasoned team of product line and sales professionals. Led by Darrell Drake, Senior Vice President of Engine Programs, this dynamic team brings decades of combined expertise in the engine aftermarket business.
  2. Engine Acquisition Milestones: Over the past six months, Unical Engines has achieved significant milestones in engine acquisition. With 18 engines either acquired or in the process of acquisition, the newly created engine division has demonstrated its ability to effectively execute on large transactions, a key indicator of a high level of industry expertise and dedication to growth to better support its current and new customer base.
  3. Comprehensive Solutions: Unical Engines offers comprehensive life cycle engine solutions tailored to the needs of the commercial engine aftermarket. From airlines to maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facilities worldwide, Unical Engines is equipped to meet evolving industry demands.
  4. Global Sales and Acquisitions: Unical Engines boasts a global sales and acquisition network. Key team members include:
    1. Jorge Irribarra, Vice President of Engine Product Lines
    2. Cindy Francis, Vice President of Engine Sales & Business Development (Americas)
    3. Steve Lyons, Vice President of Engine Sales & Business Development (EMEA)
    4. Peter Siaw, Vice President of Engine Sales & Business Development (APAC)
  5. Customer Satisfaction Focus: Unical Engines is committed to exceptional customer satisfaction. With a strong team and a clear focus on results, they aim to establish themselves as a trusted partner in the aftermarket.

Contact Information:
For more information about Unical Engines and its services, please contact Darrell Drake at

About Unical Engines: Unical Engines is the engine division of Unical Aviation Inc., specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for commercial engine needs. With over 60 years of combined experience, Unical Engines is dedicated to excellence across the full spectrum of aircraft engines solutions, including spare parts and serviceable assets.

For additional details, visit Unical's official website. Unical Engines looks forward to serving the aviation industry with unmatched expertise and commitment.

Source: Unical Aviation, Inc.

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