News | March 6, 2018

The Applied Aeronautics Albatross Showcased At Boeing And Queensland Government Summit

US drone manufacturer extends global reach and cements expertise in modular based systems

Austin, TX (PRWEB) - The Applied Aeronautics Albatross, equipped with technology from leading Queensland firms, was on display last week at the signing of a partnership between The Boeing Company and the Government of Queensland. Under the partnership, Queensland will become home to Boeings' largest robotics development program outside of the United States. This cooperation is expected to benefit local small businesses in the aerospace, manufacturing, defense and technology sectors.

“In addition to being affordable, the Albatross was designed to be an entirely customizable platform. The Albatross' use by leading Australian companies is an excellent example of its ability to be tailored to the individual needs of the end user. This adaptability allows for the development of a truly unique UAV solution for applications ranging from research and public safety to mining and agriculture. We’re excited to see the Albatross used in this capacity in Queensland,” remarked Ryan Johnston, CEO of Applied Aeronautics.

Applied Aeronautics is a US UAV manufacturer, specializing in affordable, long-range composite solutions. Applied Aeronautics’ flagship product, The Albatross, is a modular, electric fixed wing UAV designed for use in most industries, ranging from agriculture and research to disaster management and defense. This entirely customizable solution was engineered for accessibility, to meet a growing demand for a professional UAV that married robust capabilities with an affordable price point. For more information on Applied Aeronautics, please visit


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