News | July 24, 2008

Surfware, Inc. And Swift-Carb CNC To Launch Swift-Carb TrueMill® Certified Series Of Cutters At IMTS 2008

Source: Surfware Inc.

Surfware, Inc., developer of SURFCAM® CAD/CAM systems and Kent, Washington-based Swift-Carb CNC, a New Tech cutting tools company, announced recently that cutting tools built specifically to optimize TrueMill's patented cutter path will be launched in September, 2008 at IMTS (the International Manufacturing Technology Show) in Chicago.

"We are delighted that Swift-Carb has chosen to dedicate a line of tools to TrueMill," says Stephen Diehl, President and CEO of Surfware, Inc. "With our new release of Velocity 4, the TrueMill technology for milling has achieved new levels of productivity. We are pleased to show clients the extra speed offered by using the dedicated Swift-Carb TrueMill Certified Series of cutters."

"We have seen repeatedly that TrueMill makes good on its promise to produce significantly faster – in some cases over 100% -- cycle times and two to four times tool life," says Steve Swift, President of Swift-Carb. "With the patent pending ‘engagement angle' or ‘TEA' method that TrueMill uses to calculate their tool path, the TrueMill tool path achieves what all tool path systems have been trying to accomplish from the beginning."

"The core problem in milling has always been the inability to control the cutting tool's engagement with the material," explains Diehl. "This makes it physically impossible to keep the load on the tool constant and forces machines to be run at far less aggressive cutting parameters than they are capable of, resulting in longer cycle times.

"TrueMill solves this core problem. The motion of the toolpath is designed with consideration for the in-process material boundary everywhere along the toolpath to ensure that the tool is never over-engaged for any part geometry Controlling the engagement angle and using smooth motions allows the tool to run at an exceptionally fast and consistent federate, resulting in an exceptional reduction in cycle time." "The difference between our TrueMill series end mill compared to others out there is the substrate, geometry, and coatings used," says Swift. "A tool like this has never been made before".

This combination of leading edge CAM software and cutting tool technology will be unveiled at the IMTS show in September. Surfware will feature the Swift-Carb TrueMill Certified series of Cutters at its booth, D3210.

SOURCE: Surfware Inc.