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Supernal Partners With UMBRAGROUP For New Lightweight Propulsion Technology For eVTOL Aircraft

Paris /PRNewswire/ - Supernal LLC (the Company) and UMBRAGROUP today at the Paris Air Show announced an ongoing partnership to deploy innovative technology that transforms flight control operations in electrically powered aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing ( electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicles, eVTOL). UMBRAGROUP will provide propulsion and motor control electronics needed to provide a safe system architecture for Supernal's future vehicles that the company plans to launch for commercial flights in 2028.

The collaboration aims to create new propulsion standards for both rotary and linear applications that will benefit Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) manufacturers concerned about size, weight, performance, reliability - and most importantly, safety. Traditional rotary actuators use a gearbox connected to a power source, which then operates an aircraft's flight control surface. UMBRAGROUP's new line of drives eliminates the use of the gearbox, making the product smaller, lighter and more efficient. Based on ball screws, this assembly can last in excess of 20 years in commercial aircraft and is ideal for the AAM market, where vehicles are often characterized by thin wings and limited component space.

"Supernal's approach is to drive innovation - not just at the aircraft level, but also at the system level," noted Adam Slepian , Chief Commercial Officer at Supernal streamline day-to-day operations and enable Advanced Air Mobility to achieve the same level of safety as the commercial aviation industry."

UMBRAGROUP offers unique capabilities in the development of linear stall-tolerant drives that feature a mechanism that can recover from a failure within a drive, providing a new solution for eVTOL aircraft. The Supernal/UMBRAGROUP partnership is the first to integrate this type of technology into Electro-Mechanical Actuators (EMAs), making them suitable for primary and critical flight control surfaces.

“This is a new and exciting challenge for UMBRAGROUP. Becoming a part of this project and being a supplier of advanced technologies to Supernal is an honor for us," said Matteo Notarangelo , CEO, UMBRAGROUP. "To be selected for the electromechanical implementation on such a revolutionary platform makes us proud and among the leading players in the field of Advanced Air Mobility.We strive for excellence in all vertical markets we operate in and we excel in offering our customers innovative and sustainable solutions to help them be more competitive to become."

In 2022, UMBRAGROUP rotary actuator drive technology received the Airbus Helicopter Supplier Innovation Award.

This partnership is part of Supernal's vision to work with reputable suppliers that have strong heritages in building aerospace components, enabling the company to develop safe, reliable and redundant systems for its aircraft - a key one Feature for commissioning in 2028.

Supernal and UMBRAGROUP held a partnership signing ceremony today at the Paris Air Show.

About Supernal
Supernal (Su·per·nal) is a US- based mobility services company dedicated to redefining how people move, connect and live. We are developing an Advanced Air Mobility eVTOL aircraft and are working to responsibly co-design the supporting ecosystem and integrate it with existing transportation options. As part of Hyundai Motor Group, we are both a new division and an established company that plans to leverage its legacy as an automaker to bring Advanced Air Mobility to the masses. Visit for more information and follow us on Twitter andLinkedIn.

Founded in 1972, UMBRAGROUP is the world's leading manufacturer of aerospace ball screws and is a major player in the aerospace and defense sectors. The company provides innovative, certified and secure solutions for high-tech markets.

With plants in Italy, Germany and the United States, the group supplies aircraft systems and aircraft manufacturers, integrated systems manufacturers, airlines and machine tool manufacturers worldwide.

With 1200 employees and three main aerospace and defense plants in Foligno (Perugia, Italy), Saginaw ( Michigan, USA ), Everett ( Washington, USA ), certified Part21 and Part145 repair stations, Nadcap accreditation (with unique Gold Merit), UMBRAGROUP products power civil aerospace and defense systems and platforms.

From ball screws, bearings and electric motors to high-precision components, integrated mechanisms and intelligent drives for flight controls, from electric landers to thrust reversers and numerous other applications for all aerospace platforms, UMBRAGROUP contributes to the development of a more sustainable future.

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