Superdeck™ Product

Source: Creative Pultrusions, Inc.
Superdeck™  Product
improving the nation's bridges
Superdeck™ , a non-corrosive fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite bridge deck, is manufactured by the pultrusion process. The deck is designed and engineered into a lightweight, strong and rigid structure that will not corrode as steel does.

The deck sections, composed of hexagon and double-trapezoid profiles, are bonded with a high-strength adhesive under controlled conditions at our manufacturing plant. The pre-fabricated sections are then transported to the job site, ready for installation.

Wickwire Run Bridge

The Wickwire Run Bridge was opened to vehicular traffic in September, 1997. The modular bridge deck was placed on four longitudinal galvanized steel beams, spaced six feet apart (1.83 m). The bridge size is 30 feet (9.14 m) long by 21.7 feet (6.60 m) wide.

Laurel Lick
The Laurel Lick Bridge, installed in May, 1997, was placed on 12 inch (304.8 mm) x 12 inch (304.8 mm) x .5 inch (12.7 mm) x 20 feet (6.1 m) pultruded wide flange beams. The bridge size is 20 feet. (3.7 m) x 16 feet (4.9 m).


  • New bridge decks replace deteriorated concrete or timber bridge deck
  • Complies with American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials AASHTO HS 25 Highway Bridge Design
  • Safety is enhanced as long traffic delays are eliminated
  • Corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free material minimizes the number of future replacements
  • Corrosive-resistant vinyl ester resin matrix system eliminates all maintenance associated with de-icing salts
  • Competitive installation costs are attractive for first time users
  • Modular bridge construction kits can be delivered via truck to the site for easy installations
  • Lighter weight permits easier installation and is reduced from weeks to days
  • Field assembly of deck modules takes only hours to complete
  • Improves installation efficiencies
  • Controlled factory environment ensures highest quality standards
  • Cost-effective on an installed cost basis
  • Good fatigue resistance and high strength-to-weight ratios yield high durability
  • Contains zero metal reinforcements eliminating corrosion due to de-icing materials

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