PixelCam™ Multispectral Snapshot Camera


PixelCam™ multispectral cameras are ideal for applications involving aerial surveillance mapping, precision agriculture, biomedical imaging, machine vision, and authentication. The camera, or its multispectral sensor, can also be customized for integration into OEM products.

PixelCam™ multispectral cameras provide live imaging of 3-9 spectral bands at video rates.  Simultaneous multi-channel “snapshot” acquisition delivers rich, real-time data without scene change or pixel shift.  Custom dichroic filter arrays are integrated into the focal plane array at wafer-level to create robust linear and area sensors that extract high-contrast spectral information at specific visible and infrared wavelengths.  This breakthrough technology enables easy integration into handheld, mobile and aerial cameras – all with the same frame rate, size, weight, and power consumption as monochrome cameras.

This multispectral camera features a snapshot multi-band acquisition, letting the user extract real-time data without a pixel shift or scene change. Additional features include a dedicated application-specific imager that filters out bands you don’t want to see, a custom pixel-level filter array integrated into the image sensor, a compact size, and more. Download the datasheet for information on specifications, available configurations, and more.