Datasheet | May 5, 2009

Datasheet: Smart IPC™

Source: CDG, a Boeing Company

Smart IPC® provides complex equipment manufacturers, operators, and their maintenance service providers with a highly specialized, interactive Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) that is easily accessible via a web browser interface.

Smart IPC® integrates Illustrated Parts Catalog information with parts provisioning and equipmentspecific configuration management data, all linked and accessible via a single application. Smart IPC is customized according to each operator's allowable configuration requirements, so users only view data applicable for specific individual equipment units or a group of equipment units in the fleet.

Key Benefits

  • Faster Maintenance Turn Times – Smart IPC reduces time spent identifying parts by providing equipment-specific parts lists with hyperlinked illustrations. When integrated or linked with other maintenance and parts procurement information systems, Smart IPC can provide a single point of entry to all of your mission-critical parts information. Its time-saving features result in faster maintenance turn times, reducing your maintenance and parts procurement related costs.
  • Streamlines Cross-Departmental Processes – Smart IPC enables streamlined exchange of "Smart Cart" parts lists and parts-related communications between Maintenance, Engineering, and Procurement departments. Your entire organization benefits from a centralized and standardized "hub" for all partsrelated information.
  • Interfaces with Related Parts and Maintenance Information Systems – Smart IPC can be linked to various back end ERP parts inventory and procurement systems. This integration allows you to export selected parts lists from Smart IPC to query inventory and other records in your own internal systems. Users are able to view and interact with screens in external systems from within the Smart IPC interface.
  • Greatly Reduces Errors in Exchange of Parts-Related Information – When all of your maintenance-related departments use Smart IPC as a centralized point of entry, the possibility of errors associated with manually writing down part numbers or re-keying part number information into a separate system is greatly reduced. This improved accuracy helps eliminate purchases of incorrect parts associated with data entry errors; this may ultimately help to decrease the level of excess parts inventory on hand and reduce your inventory costs.