News | September 6, 2016

Sensurion Aerospace Taps Black Swift Technologies As Its Advanced Flight Management System Partner For The FAA Certified MAGPIE MP-1 UAS

Sensurion Aerospace and Black Swift Technologies (BST) have collaborated to engineer, flight-test, and customize a new advanced UAS flight management system (FMS) for Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) operations. The result is an easy-to-use tablet and touch-screen control interface for preflight programming, rerouting and sensor-controlled tracking, as well as auto-take off and auto-land capabilities.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) - “We are thrilled to employ Black Swift Technology’s most innovative flight control system in the MAGPIE,” noted Captain Joe Burns, Sensurion CEO. “Our goal is to make advanced fixed-wing UAS flight easy for our users in all segments of their operations. Giving them added control features and autonomous landing capability puts a whole new dimension to their value proposition. Whether they are flying precision agriculture, survey and mapping, or law enforcement patrol and interdiction missions, knowing they can operate at a moment’s notice from virtually anywhere, is a real enabler for them.”

“Black Swift Technologies is proud to be teaming with another industry leader such as Sensurion in efforts to advance their technological offerings.” Said Mr. Jack Elston, Black Swift Technologies CEO. “The integration of our advanced FMS helps put the MAGPIE on the forefront of real utility for this size fixed-wing UAS. Integrating our easy-to-use features will help Sensurion and their customers make flying the MP-1 even easier.”

About Sensurion Aerospace
Minnesota-based Sensurion Aerospace specializes in UAS technologies and develops and manufactures one of the first FAA certified small UAS aircraft, the MAGPIE MP-1 and one of the industry’s first tethered multi-rotor, the MP-4T Sentinel. The company employs a team of engineers, certification experts, pilots and business professionals to develop innovative UAS systems and works closely with customers to integrate specialized payloads for a wide variety of Unmanned Aircraft missions. For more information, contact Dan Johnson, Vice President of Business Development at hq(at)sensurion(dot)com or visit our website

About Black Swift Technologies
Black Swift Technologies (BST) is an engineering firm specializing in the development of next generation small-unmanned aircraft platforms and technologies, uniquely coupling avionics expertise with consulting services. BST produces its own line of customizable autopilots, ground stations, and support systems that enable customers to fly and coordinate UAS with greater precision and simplicity. Concurrently, BST offers consulting services for companies navigating the UAS regulatory environment.


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