News | December 5, 2008

Assessing Product Reliability Through Temperature Cycling

The FTS ThermoJet from SP Industries, Inc. ( is a precision-controlled temperature forcing system designed to rapidly change the temperature of a product or device under test.

Temperature or thermal cycling is a proven method used to rapidly assess the reliability of products. A product which is alternately heated and cooled stresses any component that has a thermal expansion mismatch. Typical applications that can benefit from rapid temperature cycling include testing of medical devices, manufactured polymer components, electronic components / PCB's / assemblies and semiconductor devices.

Featuring the proprietary DualCool cascade refrigeration system - ThermoJet can achieve vigorous temperature cycling even on larger products without straining. This provides you a level of 24/7 reliability that is unmatched by single compressor systems. ThermoJet delivers unmatched temperature transition speeds, in only 10 seconds you can cycle your product under test from +230C to -65C. Only ThermoJet can deliver -80°C all the way to 20 SCFM. An external sensor enables precise temperature control (+/- 0.1C). ThermoJet's market-leading thermal capability and strong airflow deliver reduced test time and can keep products / components at lower temperatures longer.

Compact and completely self-contained - ThermoJet requires no external cooling source such as Liquid CO2 or Nitrogen. Using standard off-the-shelf environmentally friendly refrigerants - ThermoJet reduces downtime and saves on maintenance costs by avoiding proprietary gases.

Including a detachable colour touch-screen controller ThermoJet frees you to remotely monitor and control testing, or remotely locate refrigeration system. Featuring one-touch controls and user-friendly pop-up keypads makes operating and programming the Thermojet both rapid and simple.

SP Industries is a leading manufacturer of specialty glassware, environmental control chambers, glassware washers and dryers, centrifugal evaporators, and laboratory-to-production scale lyophilizers. The company sells its products under the following well-known brands: Wilmad-LabGlass® , Hotpack®, VirTis®, FTS, Genevac® and Hull®. SP Industries has ISO 9001:2000 registered production facilities in the USA and Europe. The company continues to invest heavily in validation and commissioning competencies. With the ongoing requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and the emergence of GAMP 4, SP Industries is uniquely positioned as a leader in compliance and GAMP 4 commitment.

SOURCE: SP Scientific