News | July 26, 2023

Quantic™ X-Microwave Up/Down Converters Selected For Satixfy's Space Demonstrator Payload

"JoeySat" Payload features SatixFy processor and arrays with Quantic XMW components

Austin, TX /PRNewswire/ - Quantic™ X-Microwave, a business of Quantic® Electronics ("Quantic"), was selected by SatixFy, a designer of satellite communication systems, to provide up/down converters for a fully regenerative digital on-board processed payload. SatixFy's next-generation processed payload, with electronic steering antenna payload, was designed in compliance with the UK Space Agency and European Space Agency, and recently launched aboard the "JoeySat" broadband satellite via SpaceX and One Web Satellites.

"By utilizing Quantic X-Microwave's modular RF & microwave building blocks, we were able to reduce our development time by >50%," said Charlie Bloomfield, CEO, SatixFy Space Systems U.K. Ltd. "We were able to quickly move from prototype to fully space-qualified flight production seamlessly. This was a win-win for all!"

Quantic X-Microwave provides modular RF and microwave building blocks that allow designers to seamlessly design, evaluate, prototype and produce high performance RF and microwave systems faster, easier, and at lower cost. Our ruggedized up/down converters provide unparalleled performance and a high level of reliability for mission-critical applications such as the JoeySat gateway converter deployment.

For more than sixty years, the businesses of Quantic Electronics have enabled the space industry – delivering thousands of components and flying in over one hundred satellites. Our solutions have served a full range of space applications, from mission-critical National Security to commercial broadband proliferated LEO constellations to Rover operations on Mars. To learn more about Quantic's portfolio of RF & Microwave, optical encoder, capacitor, resistor, magnetic and sensing solutions, visit

About Quantic X-Microwave
Quantic X-Microwave delivers industry-leading performance through advanced RF & Microwave solutions for the most demanding industries – from aerospace and defense to quantum computing to wireless infrastructure and radar. Compounding the value of X-MW's unrivalled domain expertise, our unique modular design system gets you to market faster than ever. And now as a Quantic company, we're part of an extended engineering ecosystem and powerful supply chain, defining a competitive advantage that extends to every customer.

Source: Quantic Electronics

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