Profile: DSI's Special Products Group

Profile: DSI's Special Products Group

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The Special Products Group of Deposition Sciences Inc. has contributed to high technology aerospace and defense programs that incorporate our leading edge thin film coatings, including dielectric filters, neutral density filters, optics for night vision, UV filters, optical mirrors for special applications and heat resistant coatings which characterize DSI's superb coating durability and stability. DSI's precision optical filters demonstrate the ability to conceive and create world class technology solutions for varied applications.

DSI's technology provides space-qualified coatings, such as our dielectric filters designed for metal assemblies, neutral density filters for hight precision laser tasks, and other manufactured filters on exotic substrates with complex shapes and surfaces. We work closely with our Customers to understand their challenges and to develop effective solutions.

A critical adjunct to the manufacturing process is the capability to conduct the metrology necessary to verify the performance of these filters. DSI has an established history of providing this capability through in-house development and external purchasing of a wide variety of measurement and analysis equipment.


  • Aerospace & Defense Products
  • Solar Reflectors
  • Industrial IR & UV Curing Filters
  • Information Displays
  • Ophthalmic Lens Coatings
  • Projection & Digital Display systems
  • Space & Satellite Apparatus
  • Solar Simulation & Material Aging
  • Large Optics

DSI Products

  • UV Filters
  • Visible Filters
  • Infrared Filters
  • Beamsplitters
  • CCD Filters
  • Solar Cell Coverglass
  • Telescope Optics
  • AR Coatings
  • Solar Reflectors on Flexible Substrates
  • Dark Mirrors


Commercial Products
DSI serves many markets across many industries with our Coated Optics and Dichroic Filters. DSI supports the Front Projection Display, Rear Projection Display and Digital Cinema arenas with our Super HeatBuster Hot Mirror, Cold Mirror, and UV Blocking filters where the coatings are required to withstand high thermal loads (high temperature) and high UV flux. DSI supports the Medical Industry, both the Surgical Lighting and the Analytical Instrument markets, with its stringent demands for heat suppression and light color control with our color correcting coatings on reflectors or flat filters.

DSI is the preferred vendor for color filters in Airport Lighting because our durable coatings do not shift with changes in humidity or temperature. So, the color remains constant. Coated Products in this application must be able to withstand the harsh environment of an airport with exposure to jet fuel, jet exhaust, and de-icing fluids. DSI's coatings withstand all of these environmental challenges and much more.

Telecom Products
DSI is a major supplier to the Telecommunications industry. DSI supplies FSAN Triplexer filter sets for Telecom 'Triple Play" ViOP applications as well as filter sets for Bi-Directional, BIDI, systems. But our Telecommunication products are not limited to active components. DSI offers a full line of Micro Optics for Passive components. DSI has a complete line of Anti-reflection coated Ball lenses for use in Optical Fiber Interconnects and expanded beam connectors. DSI also provides anti-reflection (AR) coatings on the ends of optical fibers and beam splitter coatings for power tap devices.

Military & Aerospace
DSI's expertise is not limited to the planet earth. Since it's inception, DSI has provided coatings for Space Based applications for Satellite programs. DSI provides demanding Long Wave Pass, Short Wave Pass, and Band Pass filter coatings on exotic materials like Silicon (Si), Germanium (Ge), Zinc Sulfide (ZnS), Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) and ClearTran as well as optical glasses. DSI specializes in coatings for systems, which operate across the Visible, Near infrared, Mid infrared and Far infrared out to 50 Microns.

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Brochure: DSI Special Products Group

SOURCE: Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI)