Datasheet | May 6, 2009

PA2-100 Miniature Optical Encoder


MicroMo Electronics, Inc. announces the expansion of its encoder product line with the addition of its PA2-100. Leading the way again in miniature motor feedback development, MicroMo now provides a high-resolution, low current-draw optical encoder in a 10mm and 12mm diameter package.

Blending the best technologies, the PA2-100 expands possibilities for applications requiring miniature motors with encoders. By incorporating the “world’s smallest optical encoder”, Avago’s AEDR 8400 provides consistent, accurate, and high resolution not to be matched by magnetic encoders. Optimized for the AEDR 8400, a custom-designed codewheel maximizes the reflected light increasing the system’s efficiency and signal reliability.

The PA2-100 raises expectations by using leading-edge technologies. Moving beyond magnetic technology, the PA2-100 provides an impressive 100 lines per revolution before quadrature utilizing optical technology. Operating between 2.7 to 3.3V DC, low-voltage battery applications continue running longer with more robust feedback signal reliability. Improved battery life comes from a low-inertia codewheel and a battery-friendly current draw of 8.5mA.