OEM Optical Coatings


PIXELTEQ offers precision and custom optical coatings through ion beam sputtering (IBS), magnetron sputtering (MSP), and ion-assist deposition (IAD) methods.

PIXELTEQ can provide antireflection (AR), black chrome, ITO, solderable, wafer level, and patterned optical coatings for optical filters (bandpass, color/patterned color, and UV-IR) and mirrors (broadband, dichroic, and cold mirrors). It also offers active wafer coatings in patterned pixels and apertures, imaging sensors and photodiodes, dichroics, metals, RGB overlays, and wafer-level coatings.

PIXELTEQ has a large collection of custom filters available for first proof-of-concept to speed up the design cycle while reducing (NRE) costs.

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