News | August 6, 2007

New VirTis® Advantage Plus Benchtop Freeze Dryers Provide Greater Capacity And Improved Controls


SP Industries has expanded their VirTis brand AdVantage Series of BenchTop Freeze Dryers. Featuring the latest advancements in benchtop freeze drying, the new state-of-the-art AdVantage Plus is available with up to three fluid cooled shelves which maintain a more precise level of temperature control previously available only in pilot/production scale units. The additional shelf space offers greater capacity than any benchtop freeze dryer available. A newly designed condenser coil will hold a total of six liters before defrosting. As with the AdVantage model, a choice of condenser temperatures at -53ºC, -75ºC or -85ºC enables processing a wide range of samples in stoppered vials or bulk drying in freeze-dry flasks or trays.

VirTis AdVantage Series Freeze Dryers incorporate proven freeze drying technology in the smallest possible footprint. These compact, affordable units are loaded with functions that enable materials to be processed quickly, efficiently, and conveniently. As user friendly as they are sophisticated, an animated synoptic display provides operational status including alarm information at a glance. An optional Wizard workstation enables all aspects of the lyophilization cycle to be precisely controlled, monitored, recorded and presented in graphic format.

SOURCE: SP Scientific Products