Multispectral Conversion Kit


The SpectroCam™ Multispectral Conversion Kit is the latest addition to Pixelteq’s growing family of multispectral imaging solutions.  This modular attachment converts your monochrome scientific-grade camera into an 8-band multispectral camera, enabling user configuration with a variety of application-specific cameras, lenses, and integration options.  The conversion kit supports a wide selection of interchangeable standard and custom spectral filters across ultraviolet, visible, and NIR-SWIR infrared wavelengths. This system is intended to be used by system integrators to combine the filter wheel with camera using the available SDK.


  • 8-band multispectral camera conversion
  • Up to 20 frames/second acquisition
  • Interchangeable standard & custom filters
  • Supports UV, visible, and NIR-SWIR spectral bands
  • Works with a variety of sensors, cameras, lenses, integration options

Pixelteq’s multispectral conversion kit is well suited for applications involving aerial mapping, OEM prototyping/proof of concept, remote sensing, biomedical imaging, machine vision, surveillance and authentication, product screening, and food and water quality measurement. For information on its specifications, download the datasheet.