News | October 20, 2008

Jet Letter LLC Announces Release Of Version 2 Of PSL Variable Document Production Software

CORONA DEL MAR, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jet Letter LLC, a leading provider of software solutions for variable data document production, announces release of Version 2 of PSL, a high level structured programming language specifically designed for variable data document production. Such languages are often called "merge engines" and the Jet Letter product line, of which PSL is the most recent, maintains a dominant market share in the "merge engine" market. Producing the PDF™ and PostScript™ data format, PSL is particularly well suited for both laser printing and web presentment.

PSL users gain extensive control over the complex tasks involved in creation, placement, manipulation, and control, of images and text. Very detailed typesetting controls including such factors as leading and character spacing, virtually unlimited choice of fonts and languages, manipulation of each character -- such as color fill, shading, slant and rotation are simply not available elsewhere,

Word processing for variable text can be a serious challenge and PSL, being a sophisticated programming language provides users all the control they might want – from booklets such as insurance documents to complex billing and statement work.

Image rendering controls include anisotropic scaling, fitting to a box, and control of transparency and opacity. Of course, which image to print and how to print it on any page can be controlled from variables in the data. Excellent tools for rendering variable data reports, tables, charts and graphs are provided.

Many PSL users print millions of variable data documents a month. Firm after firm will attest to the fact that they could not have grown their business at such rapid rates without PSL's ability to get the difficult projects out – and quickly. Furthermore merge speeds in the range of 10,000 to 30,000 records a minute means no production bottlenecks.

The scope of projects that can be performed using PSL is LIMITLESS. PSL is "enterprise" grade software suitable for integration in the most complex workflows.

The more complex applications such as;

  • invoicing and statements – involving multiple pages and complex layouts, including trans-promo applications
  • collection letters,
  • insurance statements and benefits booklets,
  • hospital and health care reports and billing,
  • tax statements,
  • utility billing,
  • telephone and cable company billing,
  • banking and credit card statements,

can all be accomplished using PSL without fear of running out of programming tools or processing capacity. Perhaps, more importantly such documents can involve attractive color personalized images and eye catching, professional looking, personalized text.

The same documents produced on paper, say for mailing, can as well be;

  • indexed and archived,
  • delivered by e-mail, or,
  • presented on the web – interactively.

PSL is the sort of technology upon which businesses are built!

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