News | October 16, 2006

iviation Releases i-Learn Aviation Computer Courses

Memphis, TN - iviation announced recently it has released two i-Learn interactive computer-based learning (CBL) courses for corporate, charter and commercial flight operations. The first two courses address human-factors/crew resource management (CRM) and aircraft icing according to them.

"These are critical areas of safety that flight operations need," said David Perdue, CEO of iviation. "There's a tremendous demand for human-factors/CRM and aircraft icing training as well as the other courses. "Our i-Learn CBL courses are perfect for all size flight and charter operations, which have a difficult time scheduling downtime. This is an effective and inexpensive alternative to real-time training, or for those flight departments who do not engage in any type of training. However, we will still continue to perform our on-site human-factors/CRM training for Fortune companies' in-house flight departments." He added that, "Any pilot is capable of flying from point A to point B," Perdue said. "But these courses have a three-tier testing score system: comparisons to other pilots in the same department, pilots from other companies and average testing scores from all pilots in the U.S. This should be given to every applicant being considered for employment. i-Learn courses not only save customers money on training and improve scheduling, but they also keep industry professionals informed with the latest information."

By the end of 2007, iviation will release more than 40 i-Learn courses, according to the company. Perdue said that the courses will help CEOs and flight department managers determine what a pilot's knowledge level really is.

SOURCE: iviation