iQ e-commerce system for on-line trading

ComponentControl.Com is proud to present iQ - Internet for Quantum
iQ, e-commerce system for on-line parts trading via the internet: ComponentControl.Com with its Quantum Control Internet module is taking you where no other company has taken you before. There are no more complicated EDI formats with translation needs or multi standards and high connectivity costs through SITA or AIRINC. We have the solution that you have been anticipating for quite some time. A powerful Internet based network of suppliers and customers that use the advantage of e-commerce to share real time data and transact business directly over the web. ComponentControl.Com is proud to present iQ - Internet for Quantum.

Quantum Control version 2k.1 offers exciting Internet capabilities that will take you easily into the 21st century, without the fear of staying behind technology. This leading edge technology will change the industry's concept of computers and trading. There is no need to update your inventory on diskettes or perform time-consuming exports in order to advertise on an on-line service. Now, there is also no justification for finding inaccurate information inherent in export/import based systems. We have these answers and more.

As a leading provider of Parts Management Software applications, we know the specific trading needs of your company. While other solutions might not be connected to your main corporate database, ComponentControl.Com is securely integrating all e-commerce features with your main database. For example, if one of your best customers half way across the globe is requesting an RFQ during night time in your time zone, the RFQ will be automatically be waiting for you in your system when you start your business day. Or if that RFQ is requested during your daytime, you would be instantly notified and taken to that quote for immediate action.

We are very excited to be the pioneer in supplying aviation based organizations with a turnkey solutions to encompass all aspect of trading, especially in connectivity to the global world via Internet. Today the business world is demanding a paradigm shift from closed and restricted systems to open systems where employees, customers and suppliers alike can openly share information., 1731 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101. Tel: 619-702-3112; Fax: 619-702-3522.