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hybrid control, totalplant solutions, fittings, valves, control software, energy management systems

Source: Honeywell Industrial Control
hybrid control, totalplant solutions, fittings, valves, control software, energy management systems

Honeywell is the world's leading supplier of automation solutions to the process industries. Our solutions provide advanced capabilities that optimize your process and business operations and serve your financial goals. Based on more than three decades of leadership in the process control industry, Honeywell provides comprehensive solutions ranging from field measurement to advanced business optimization.

Honeywell pioneered the concept of distributed digital process control with the introduction of the first Distributed Control System (DCS) 25 years ago and today delivers the most advanced industrial automation systems available. More than 125,000 Honeywell systems have been sold worldwide.

Honeywell Systems Technology

TotalPlant Solution system -- the industry's most advanced, open automation system

Introduced in 1996, Honeywell's TotalPlant ® Solution (TPS) system is the first industrial automation system designed to unify business and control information throughout a plant or mill. Designed to meet the need for large systems, the TPS system provides a powerful solution for meeting plant process performance, asset capability, and business needs. Its state-of-the-art human interface, the Global User Station (GUS), is one of the most widely used Windows NT workstation in the process industries. GUS makes plant-wide information easily accessible. Vivid, three dimensional looking displays help you visualize operations clearly.

The TPS System:

  • Delivers the best-value solution for meeting plant process performance, asset capability, and business needs

  • Extends Honeywell's "open, yet secure" capabilities up into the open information and application environment and down into the field environment

  • Unifies business and control information for better decision making, with seamless integration to the enterprise

  • Provides near real-time business control capabilities

  • Protects your investments with Consistent Evolution and maximizes your Total Value of Ownership

PlantScape® -- one integrated system for true hybrid control

With the PlantScape® Hybrid Control System, Honeywell has once again led the industry and defined the next generation of process automation with True Hybrid Control. The cost-effective PlantScape system is a modular, scalable Windows NT-based platform for your hybrid control requirements: regulatory control, high-speed logic, sequential and batch control, building and environmental control, and safety management. It includes a powerful human-machine interface, alarm system, and history, trending, and reporting capabilities.

PlantScape uses Honeywell's patented Distributed Server Architecture (DSA) to allow multiple PlantScape systems to operate as one integrated system -- plant-wide or worldwide -- without duplication of engineering effort. DSA is designed to handle the most demanding remote requirements even over slower wide-area networks. The result is a truly integrated system that delivers the highest possible performance.

PlantScape is designed to provide the highest value and lowest possible life-cycle cost of ownership. This is made possible by:

  • Object-oriented tools to quickly and easily build reusable control strategies
  • Technical documentation and on-line technical support via Internet-based browsers to maximize productivity
  • Up-to-date, cost-effective, robust packaging and design
  • Completely integrated controller and system databases to minimize project effort and maintenance
  • Applications that deliver value by applying the power of PlantScape, such as Profit® Suite for Batch, Uniformance®Database System, SafeView ®, Downtime Analysis, and Profit Controller
  • Competitive differentiators such as out-of-the box user-ready displays, interfaces to third-party systems, and server and controller redundancy

Providing improved levels of business performance that are essential in today's global and highly competitive marketplace requires the effective unification of business and process systems. PlantScape can exchange information with systems such as SAP R/3, Honeywell's Uniformance software, and the TPS system, using technologies such as ODBC, Advanced DDE, and OPC.

Honeywell Safety Management Systems -- protecting the environment, plants, and equipment

Honeywell provides a full range of value-added safety services and can help design and implement the right technical solutions for maximizing safety and productivity. Honeywell's Fail Safe Controller (FSC) ® is the world's leading process safeguarding system that is used in high-integrity safety-critical applications all around the globe. The FSC is certified by TÜV for use in safety applications, and was the first safety solution to obtain certification in the U.S. for the UL 1998 and ANSI/ISA S84.01 standards.

The FSC system is a user-programmable, modular, microprocessor-based safety system that can perform a wide range of high-integrity process control and safety functions, including:

  • High-integrity process control

  • Burner/boiler management systems

  • Process safeguarding and emergency shutdown

  • Turbine and compressor safeguarding

  • Fire and gas detection systems, and

  • Pipeline monitoring.

As part of a Honeywell TotalPlant Solution (TPS) system, PlantScape Hybrid Control System, or in stand-alone configurations, FSC-based safeguarding solutions form the basis for functional safety, providing protection of people, plant equipment, and the environment combined with optimum availability of plant operation.

The design of the FSC ® system is based on both qualitative and quantitative safety system technologies. From a qualitative perspective, the FSC continuously monitors the correct operation of its hardware, ensuring that it is able to respond accurately to any defined process demand. The system is also able to detect faults in field loops and field equipment. Extensive system and field diagnostics support plant operators in assessing the consequences of faults for process operation, and aid maintenance engineers in allocating and resolving detected problems efficiently and effectively. High quantitative rating (optimal Mean Time Between Failure) is accomplished through a redundant system architecture and the use of high-quality electronic components and design methods.

Da Vinci Precision Measurement --
Quality Control System for papermaking

Honeywell is the global leader in providing pulp and paper solutions that improve performance. These solutions boost performance by increasing product quality and production efficiency, helping to achieve better customer service, enabling more flexible production coordination, and reducing costs

The Da VinciTM System is widely recognized as the premier paper machine Quality Control System (QCS). Paper mills around the world have experienced significant cost savings and improved product quality after implementing the system. Da Vinci delivers continuous sheet quality measurement and control of the paper machine to optimize product quality and machine efficiency. Based entirely on open industry standards, such as NT, ActiveX, OPC, and ODBC, Da Vinci leverages the best of current technology while ensuring a cost-effective upgrade path for the future. Enhanced process visibility through color maps and high-frequency variability analysis is combined with state-of-the-art multivariable control to optimize quality and reduce grade change and reject production. High-frequency quality variations are matched to stock pulsations and press nip vibrations to further improve operation and efficiency.

Da Vinci™ QCS is engineered to provide:

  • Precision Platform 4000, scanner and sensors
  • Performance Multivariable MD, supervisor
  • Performance CD, supervisor cross-direction control
  • Performance Color, supervisory color control
  • Machine Sentinel, machine monitoring
  • Process information
  • Historical trending
  • Statistical analysis
  • Printed reports
  • Honeywell's TotalPlant Alcont automation system for process control – A Mill-wide solution to unify the whole organization


    Alcont is an open distributed process control system designed and developed to withstand the demanding conditions of the process industries. It is a system that truly enables product-oriented process control, improves operational results, and provides real information about the entire mill, its products and processes. Based on the Windows NT platform, the TotalPlant Alcont system easily integrates with other Windows applications to ensure a free flow of information throughout the entire organization.

    A single, modular hardware and software family provides TotalPlant Alcont with scalability to fully meet the requirements of the smallest applications, all the way to mill-wide systems. TotalPlant Alcont can control continuous and batch processes, machines, stand-alone drives, and line drives. TotalPlant Alcont tools cover the most efficient control methods for today's process industry, both conventional and advanced, such as fuzzy logic, optimization, neural nets and statistical process control.

    The TotalPlant Alcont system's process connection is designed for maximum reliability. It connects to the process via open Field Controllers and various fieldbus instruments, or via Process Modules using conventional I/O cards. The Process Modules and the Field Controllers are provided with identical control tools including significant processing capacity to match the most exacting control requirements, such as fast machine controls.


    TotalPlant Alcont system software and hardware has been designed for reliable operations and high-end product quality, as manifested by the following proven system benefits:
    • A powerful graphic application design, simulation and test environment that enables the management of complex control structures
    • An open field controller unifies the use of different fieldbus types in one system.
    • Rugged
    C Alcont hardware design ensures reliable operation regardless of moisture, vibration, heat and other environmental hazards and allows reliable system distribution to the field conditions
  • Critical system parts are redundant for uncompromising reliability
  • Honeywell's unique consistent evolution policy and technical upgrading provides a means to easily keep the
  • TotalPlant Alcont system up to date.



    Honeywell Industrial Control, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a $3 billion global leader in the supply of automation systems, advanced software solutions and value-added services used in a variety of industries including refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, oil and gas, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, and power generation. Industrial Control is also a leading global supplier of sensors, switches and control products for automotive, information technology, consumer, aviation and industrial applications. For inquiries, call 1-800-288-7491 or access or