Hotpack Large Capacity Glassware Washers Uniquely Designed For High Volume Washing


Click here to download the laboratory glassware washers and dryers brochure.

Hotpack Large Capacity, Top-of-the-Line Washers feature a unique triple tube spray system that is unmatched in the market, making them ideal for high volume washing in large laboratories and research centers. The system utilizes hundreds of independent spray jets to ensure sparkling clean labware. Ergonomically designed, these washers feature a convenient chamber height for easy loading of glassware without bending. The chamber is constructed of type 316L stainless steel for corrosion resistance, heavy-duty use, and long life. Exterior panels are also constructed of stainless steel. Wash chambers are large, typically allowing 10-20% more useable space than competitive models. The tempered glass door is electrically operated and lifts vertically for easy access to the chamber and to conserve floor space.

The PLC control system for Hotpack washers provides maximum flexibility. This system is conveniently located at eye level and incorporates an easy-to-use touch screen with menu-driven software. The system incorporates three preset wash routines (light, medium, and heavy), and can store up to twenty custom wash routines. For each cycle, you can select water temperatures of up to 95ÂșC, and times up to 99 minutes. For any flush, wash, or rinse cycle, you can select from hot, cold or warm tap water and DI water.

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Click here to download the laboratory glassware washers and dryers brochure.

Source: SP Scientific