High Performance Infrared Cameras: HDR-IR Series

Source: TELOPS

High Performance Infrared Cameras: HDR-IR Series

This series of high performance infrared cameras can be used to resolve targets up to 2500oC. High dynamic ranges ensure high contrast and accuracy in the images captured and thermal sensitivity allows for the detection of temperature differences as small as 20 mK.

There are three different models available in this series: the HDR-IR, the HDR-IR HD, and the HDR-IR FAST. The HD and FAST models are outfitted with InSb detectors and cover the 3µm to 5µm spectral range. The standard HDR-IR uses an MCT detector and covers the 3µm to 4.9µm spectral range. Each camera features an ultra-high dynamic range, a high data rate, advanced calibration, accurate measurement, and high sensitivity.

These cameras are ideal for a variety of analysis applications, including muzzle flash (from assault rifles to tanks), aircraft IR signatures, explosion, sparkle combustion, and ignition. For additional information on each model’s individual features and specifications, download the datasheets.