Hands Free Covert Microphone

Source: Joyce Telectronics Corp.

Hands Free Covert Microphone
Finally the freedom of hands free communication.
This Hands Free Microphone system with remote microphone, foot switch, and Interface unit has been developed for use in police and emergency vehicles where safety and/or concealment are primary concern. APPLICATIONS:
Unique design allows placement of microphone, foot switch, and interface unit in concealed locations ie: glove box, center console, under seats, etc. When used in conjunction with an undercover antenna there is no visible trace of law enforcement equipment. Therefore the car is unmarked.

Hands Free Microphone enables officers/driver to communicate without taking his/her hands off the steering wheel or their eyes off the road. This is a very important safety factor in crowded city driving or for pursuit. The standard hand microphone is retained for use at any time and can serve as a back-up unit. Hands Free Microphone can be used in virtually any vehicle with a two-way mobile radio and requires no modifications of the microphone or the radio in any way.

Above and beyond the undercover, police and emergency applications the primary concern is SAFETY.

When ordering please specify the make and model# of the mobile radios you have. Special circumstance can be addressed on request.

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