White Paper

White Paper: Gyro-Stabilized Turrets Provide Real Time Imaging


There was a time when reconnaissance meant either multi-million dollar satellites snapping a few shots per orbit or pilots risking their necks to fly over hostile territory. Today, recon is dominated by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a much more cost effective approach that presents no risk to the operators, who are not only on the ground but frequently on the other side of the globe.

Of course, imagery is only useful if it's crisp and clear, which requires both focusing and stabilization. That's where Alticam Vision™ Corporation comes in. In 2001, Alticam Vision developed the first 700-gram gyro-feedback-stabilized sensor turret. This enabled a new class of lightweight UAVs weighing 15 kg and offering 24 hrs of endurance. Central to the success of these systems is a collection of compact motors from MICROMO.