Established Business and Technological Expertise

Source: E-Style Software
Established Business and Technological Expertise
Value-added services chain
Established Business and Technological Expertise

E-Style Software is an international company founded by the R-Style Group, the Russian IT veteran. E-Style Software is a member of E-Style Holding that comprises high-tech companies operating in different IT business areas.

The company has extensive expertise in the following fields:

  • Management Information Systems for banking, financial trading, and budgeting
  • B2B and B2C Solutions
  • Production Control and Management Systems
  • Logistics and Transportation Planning Systems
  • Customer Support Automation Systems
  • Project and Resource Management Systems
  • Marketing Systems (market trends analysis and forecasting, advertisement and media-planning)
  • Data Warehouses and OLAP-Systems
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Statistical Analysis Systems
  • Distance Educational Systems
    and other business areas

The entire group employs over 1,500 highly skilled English-speaking specialists. To meet the exacting expectations of our customers and to assure the best quality of our products and services, we operate from our two basic locations - New York, USA (a sales, marketing, and management center) and Moscow, Russia (programming center). Our development teams are also located in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and other scientific centers in Russia.