News | July 25, 2007

Digital Imaging: CDG And ISA Announce Alliance Partnership To Expand On-Site Digital Imaging Services

Source: CDG, a Boeing Company

Continental DataGraphics (CDG), a subsidiary of The Boeing Company, and Integrated Scanning of America (ISA) recently announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to support expansion of capabilities to deliver comprehensive on-site digital imaging services for their clients.

Under the terms of this agreement, CDG will facilitate and manage imaging capture operations on-site at client facilities, and ISA will provide related indexing and post-processing services. CDG will also offer document and content management software solutions and consulting services as needed to facilitate efficient delivery and management of digital files created in the imaging process.

To support customer requirements for secure on-site scanning services, joint teams from CDG and ISA will apply ISA's RIS-Capture (Reduced Instruction Set Capture) methodologies in the scanning, capture, indexing, post-processing and delivery steps associated with processing engineering drawings, aperture cards, microfiche and microfilm archives, bound books, x-rays, and other critical documents. This methodology dramatically reduces labor costs and risks involved with on-site scanning projects. It incorporates hardware, software and process methodologies to facilitate safe and cost-effective capture of images from multiple source media formats. This innovative process methodology has already been successfully proven in processing tens of millions of images, including on-site scanning projects managed by CDG and ISA at the Everett, WA facility of The Boeing Company.

"We were particularly impressed with the results of the RIS-Capture methodologies developed by ISA as they were applied to our large scale scanning projects completed for Boeing," said Randy Gee, Director of Digital Document Solutions for CDG. "We quickly recognized the opportunity for expansion of our on-site scanning service capabilities by joining forces, with CDG providing the personnel, equipment, and management oversight using these methods, and ISA providing its post-processing expertise and insights on efficient application of the RIS-Capture methodologies."

"CDG has clearly proven its ability to coordinate and manage high volume, on-site scanning operations on behalf of its customers," said Manuel Bulwa, President of ISA. "ISA is pleased to have the opportunity to continue working with CDG in the future to deliver high quality, lower cost solutions to address the growing demand for on-site scanning services."

Within the RIS-Capture process, all materials are scanned and captured as "raw" color or grayscale images using the same capture configuration settings, regardless of their original media format (one-sided, duplex, color, black & white, etc.). High volumes of images are handled by using a scalable grid of PCs, with each running sophisticated, CPU-intensive processes guided by workflow controls. On-site scanning and capture processes are remotely monitored for preventative and corrective quality control. Once captured, raw images are robotically recorded on encrypted DVDs and sent to post-processing. The RIS-Capture methodology defers any complex analysis requirements to the post-processing phase. Labor costs on the projects are reduced, as higher skilled workers are allocated to the post-processing phase, and workers with a minimal amount of training on scanning equipment and software are able to handle the front end scanning and capture processes.

CDG and ISA recently initiated a new joint project for on-site scanning services on behalf of Mirant Services LLC. The project will include capturing and processing over 1.5 million engineering drawings on-site at 11 power plants located in 5 different states across the US.

About CDG
Continental DataGraphics (CDG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company. Established in 1969, CDG has positioned itself as the leading trusted partner for the creation, conversion, management and delivery of digital documents. CDG's comprehensive suite of products and services includes Scanning/Digital Imaging and Indexing Services, Document and Content Management Software, Professional Consulting Services, Secure Data Hosting, and Technical Authoring and Illustration Services. CDG utilizes ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management systems, and offers strong experience in managing high volume projects, including secure handling of confidential and sensitive documents. CDG corporate headquarters are located in Cypress, CA, with production and customer service facilities located in multiple locations throughout the U.S. and the U.K. For more information, visit

About ISA
ISA (Integrated Scanning of America) started their service bureau operation in 1993. The company was founded by developers of imaging software since 1985. The combination of ISA's vast production expertise with their creative software development knowledge created mutually beneficial synergies to help the company produce technological breakthroughs in digital imaging applied to large capture projects. ISA headquarters are located in Newbury Park, CA. For more information, visit

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