Company Profile | January 1, 1996


Source: Denel Aviation
denel On 1 April 1992, Denel (Pty) Ltd. was established as a private company, incorporated in terms of the Companies Act. The State is the sole shareholder. The Company is managed by a Board of Directors, appointed by the Minister for Public Enterprises. Denel's diverse industrial base, advanced technological skills and an appropriate infrastructure enables it to provide clients with complete solutions. Denel is an autonomous group, managed in accordance with sound business principles. On 31 March 1997, shareholders' funds reached R3 080 million, ranking it as one of South Africa's larger industrial groups.

Structure and capabilities

The Denel Group commands a wide spectrum of management, research and development, engineering and manufacturing abilities, and supports its products through their entire life cycle. Through research and development, Denel has established advanced technological expertise and sound infrastructures which benefit not only our clients and our profitability, but is also extended to the broader community. To date, Denel has successfully concluded more than 35 alliances for development, manufacturing, marketing and product support. Denel's global activities increasingly contribute to the national economy of the RSA. This has earned Denel the position of being one of South Africa's innovative industrial groups, playing an important role in international trade and contributing to the national economy through its foreign exchange transactions and global knowledge.

Denel's corporate office is situated in Pretoria and its 18 major divisions and subsidiaries are situated in four of the provinces of South Africa. The Denel Group consists of a controlling company with divisions and subsidiary companies that are managed as separate self-sufficient business groups. Denel's key capabilities include: systems design, development and production across all major engineering disciplines. To this end Denel maintains a number of dedicated system houses, while each division maintains responsibility for its own in-house specialist product research and technology development.