News | February 9, 2006

Delcam Signs AIMS License To Boost Inspection Sales To Aerospace Industry

Source: Delcam PLC

Delcam has signed a license agreement enabling its PowerINSPECT inspection software to become compatible with the AIMS Metrology System used by leading aerospace companies, such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Work is now under way to create an interface to communicate between PowerINSPECT, the world's leading hardware-independent inspection software, and the AIMS system.

The AIMS Metrology suite, which was developed jointly by The Boeing Company and Metronor Group, comprises the software components of a closed-loop process for defining inspection, measurement and assembly plans, measuring the quality of manufactured parts according to the defined plans, storing the measurement results, and generating process capability charts and graphs from the stored results.

AIMS is unique in allowing seamless sharing of CAD geometry, inspection plans and measurement results back and forth between dissimilar hardware and software platforms. It enables full geometry integration between companies using their existing hardware and software platforms, without the need for new investment, new training and new procedures required by alternative approaches.

It, therefore, permits tightly coordinated development and manufacturing programmes involving a multitude of international participants with a range of systems and equipment. The first companies to harness the advantages of AIMS include the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter program and Boeing.

"Delcam is one of the fastest growing companies in the inspection arena, and its adoption of AIMS will help streamline collaboration between OEMs and their suppliers," stated Troy Niehaus, Vice President of AIMS Business Unit for Metronor. "Manufacturers with AIMS-enabled PowerINSPECT will have an affordable means of ensuring quality and ready-to-assemble parts."

"The link between AIMS and PowerINSPECT will help to increase the benefits of using our software in the aerospace industry," added Chris Lawrie, PowerINSPECT Product Manager at Delcam. "Clearly anything that can improve quality in such a safety-critical industry will be welcomed by aircraft manufacturers and their customers."