Decals & Placards--Interior

Source: Avion Graphics, Inc.

You can't miss our interior placards and decals
You can't miss our interior placards and decals. They help you find your seat, stow your luggage, wash your hands, lock the lavatory door, and get a meal. In addition they help the cabin personnel to find emergency equipment and make the coffee, they help the cockpit crew to turn on their reading lamp, and they help the maintenance personnel know when the seats were modified and upgraded.

We sell our interior placards individually, or in kit form. That way if you are replacing one or buying one or two for stock, we've got you covered. But if you are refurbishing the interior of the aircraft, you can buy the placards in a kit, giving you substantial savings. We also sell seat row kits, so if you are re-configuring your seats, you can re-mark them as well. And our products are made of some of the best interior materials around, so you know they will last you flight after flight, year after year.

We have standard kits that are most often in stock, but we can also customize a kit, or a placard to meet your needs. We can adjust the size to fit onto a handle or into a notch, we can customize the color to match your color scheme, we can even produce bi- or multi-lingual placards or kits. And if you just can't decide, our Design division will come to the rescue.

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