Custom Manufactured Aspheres

Source: LaCroix Optical Co.

For more than 65 years, LaCroix Optical has been a trusted industry leader in manufacturing custom spherical and plano precision optics. They recently expanded their capabilities to include grinding and polishing aspheric surfaces.

  • LaCroix Optical Co. deterministically grinds and polishes convex and concave aspheres using advanced, 5 axis, CNC machines.
  • Diameter ranges include 5mm-150mm.
  • Tolerances: Less than ½ micron peak to valley form errors measured with an Opti Trace 5000 surface profiliometer.
  • Advanced, in-house metrology including over 30 shop floor interferometers, 4  Zygo GPI XP phase shift interferometers, 2 Trioptics Opticentric/Optispheric devices, and a Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine.
  • Materials: Optical glass or glass like materials
  • Wide variety of custom coatings available, produced in-house
  • Exceptional customer service; we are well known for delivering on time and on budget while demonstrating flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers.
  • Contact our manufacturing engineers to discuss your specific requirements.

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