Custom Manufactured Achromats

Source: LaCroix Optical Co.

Achromats are a specialty at LaCroix Optical Co. Our manufacturing engineers will work with production specialists to optimize the manufacturing process utilizing a combination of CNC and conventional manufacturing methods. Special proprietary alignment devices are used to ensure the optical axis of the elements can be maintained to within seconds.

  • LaCroix Optical Co. specializes in custom precision achromats, manufacturing thousands each week.
  • Cost efficient solution for dealing with Chromatic aberration.
  • Diameters: 3mm-130mm
  • Tolerances: surface accuracies up to 1/20th wave accuracies, optical axis to within 1 arc second
  • Advanced, in-house metrology including over 30 shop floor interferometers, 4 Zygo GPI XP phase shift interferometers, 2 Trioptics Opticentric/Optispheric devices, and a Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine.
  • Materials: Optical glass or glass like materials
  • Wide variety of custom coatings available, produced in-house
  • Exceptional customer service; we are well known for delivering on time and on budget while demonstrating flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers.

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