News | January 19, 2017

CSA Launches KickStarter Project To Build New App For Aircraft Owners To Customize And Order CSA's DAR™ Drone Collision Avoidance Device For Their Aircraft

CSA launches KickStarter project to build new app for aircraft owners enables simulation, specification and in-app ordering of CSA's DAR™ Drone Collision Avoidance Device.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) - ClearSpace Aeronautics (CSA) has launched their Kickstarter project to build the DAR™ Eagle App to enable aircraft owners to select the right CSA DAR™ drone anti-collision system for their aircraft as a standalone system or as a customized feature.

“The DAR™ Eagle App will make it easy to get thousands of DAR™ devices installed on every kind of aircraft,” said Peter Whitmarsh, CSA’s President and Founder. “Through our KickStarter project we’re cultivating a dedicated group of beta testers to help us make the app available to aircraft owners as soon as possible.”

The app can be accessed via mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers. In the app, users can select the DAR™ system for their aircraft make and model and order their DAR™ system so that it can be installed at their airfield or airport by a qualified aircraft mechanic.

The need for an anti-collision system to safeguard aircraft from drones is urgent. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are 350,000 registered aircraft in the U.S. The FAA has reported that 2.5 million drones were sold in 2016 which is twice the number sold in 2015. The FAA has also projected that there will be seven million drones in U.S. airspace by 2020.

DAR™ Systems Expected to Be Available by the End of 2017
Expected to be available to aircraft owners by the end of 2017, DAR™ has a range of up to ten miles. DAR’s displays resemble radar. Surpassing conventional radar behavior, DAR™ is a device that is comprised of proprietary technologies, sensors, and firmware. DAR™ functions proactively to detect, identify, acquire, control and remove drones from aircraft flight paths.

By the Numbers
Up to the year 2024, CSA projects the cost of a DAR™ as a standalone system to be 10% to 20% of an aircraft’s value. By 2025, CSA projects that all new aircraft will have DAR™ built into aircraft avionics and the cost for the built-in system will be determined by CSA’s licensed avionics manufacturers. There is also an option to customize DAR™ through a licensed manufacturer.

About ClearSpace Aeronautics
ClearSpace Aeronautics, a Nevada C Corporation located in Las Vegas, is a market leader in the development of security and safety systems for drone (UAS/UAV), aviation, aeronautics, and aerospace. CSA's patent-pending Drone Aviation Radar™ (DAR™) is the first complete proactive system to prevent drones from colliding with aircraft. DAR™ is built upon the patent-pending Drone Defense System™ core technology suite which includes technologies and products for several vertical markets to protect air, land and sea equipment, structures and people from unauthorized drone intrusions.

CSA is in the Fennemore Craig Venture Accelerator and benefits from Fennemore Craig’s business and intellectual property legal assistance. CSA is also a Teammate of the Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems.

For more information, visit press(at)clearspace1(dot)com.


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