BackCycler Technology

Source: Ergomedics, Inc.

BackCycler Technology
The BackCyclerâ is a microprocessor-controlled seating accessory combining spinal movement and lordotic support
What is the BackCycler ?
The BackCyclerâ is a microprocessor-controlled seating accessory combining spinal movement and lordotic support: Its proprietary technology, owned by Ergomedics, Inc., is based on five years of federally funded research. Study subjects have reported that they can sit for longer periods of time, with less pain and stiffness - greater comfort.

What is the BackCycler based on?
The BackCyclerâ embodies a revolutionary technology integrating two widely applied and scientifically accepted principles.

The first principle is that the most beneficial and comfortable way to sit is with a supported, forward curving lower back. While some currently available seating designs incorporate this support, they do not include the function of movement.

The second principle is continuous passive motion (CPM). This widely accepted form of movement has long been applied to leg and arm joints in the treatment of injuries and following surgery. While increasing ligament strength and joint stability, CPM speeds soft tissue healing and overall injury recovery time. The BackCycler continuously applies the same spinal motion used for centuries in medical manipulations and exercises.

How does it actually work?
Based on extensive scientific studies, Ergomedics, Inc. has created the BackCycler CPM, which incorporates microprocessor controlled pneumatic air systems to provide varying pressure (set by the individual) against the lower back, thereby promoting much-needed motion in the lumbar region. In addition to the application of the lordosis and CPM principles in the more basic models, the deluxe product includes feedback monitoring of the support provided to the lower back. This feedback measures the level of pressure exerted by the user as he/she sits back against the inflated air pillow. Based on the comfort setting selected by the user, the system will continue to maintain the selected level of pressure during each cycle.

The technology exists as a portable backrest for use in vehicle seats, at home, or in the office.

What does the Continuous Passive Motion do?
The BackCycler is not to be confused with heating, vibration, massage, or relaxation chairs. X-ray studies have shown that the BackCycler actually moves the spine itself rather than just rubbing on the surrounding soft tissues. This spinal motion nourishes the discs, and shifts the pattern of stress on the muscles and ligaments.

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