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Avionics Maintenance Conference Slated For May 1-4 In Milwaukee – Event Will Feature Discussions On Avionics And Aviation Electronics

The Avionics Maintenance Conference will be held May 1-4, 2017, at the Milwaukee Convention Center/Hilton Milwaukee City Center, in Milwaukee, Wisc.

Warrendale, PA (PRWEB) - The Avionics Maintenance Conference will be held May 1-4, 2017, at the Milwaukee Convention Center/Hilton Milwaukee City Center, in Milwaukee, Wisc.

The event is expected to attract more than 650 technical and management professionals from more than 30 countries, representing 30 airlines, five airframe manufacturers and more than 170 avionics suppliers.

The Avionics Maintenance Conference (AMC) is the foremost platform for the avionics and aviation electronics industry to learn, network and source new information, products, technologies and services at one distinctive annual event.

The objectives of AMC are to promote reliability and to reduce operating and life cycle costs of air transport avionics by improving maintenance and support techniques through the exchange of technical information. Attendees will: 

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest issues, challenges and discussions in avionics and aviation electronics
  • Gain insight into technical discussions and approaches for ideas and practical solutions
  • Meet and network with colleagues, peers and experienced professionals from the avionics and aviation electronics industry
  • Develop and forge relationships with potential airlines/suppliers/customers
  • Participate in problem-solving Q&A activities

Symposium topics will include:

Monday, May 1– 10:30 a.m.

Global Aircraft Tracking


  • Chuck Adler, The Boeing Company
  • Mike Garcia, Aireon


  • Sven Biller, Lufthansa Technik
  • Jessie Turner, The Boeing Company

Chuck Adler, Boeing, will discuss avionics and prime engineer for addressing the Aircraft Tracking mandates.

Mike Garcia, Aireon, will address the Space-based ADS-B option/approach.

Tuesday, May 2– 3:20 p.m.

Chemicals Under Control


  • Rachel Becker, GE Aviation
  • Nel Verstoep, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


  • Marijan Jozic, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Chemicals are used in avionics components: sometimes as coating of printed circuit boards, sometimes as heatsink contact layers, sometimes as paint or lubricant, and sometimes are just used for cleaning. Our CMMs are calling out many chemicals which are supposed to be used in the maintenance of avionics components.

AMC (Avionics Maintenance Conference) recognizes the importance of chemicals. There are also issues. Therefore, the AMC Steering Committee decided to recognize numerous requests to organize a symposium about chemicals in the avionics environment. Chemistry is very broad area, but our need is to provide a symposium which can inform our audience about the following topics:

  • Latest regulation in USA, Europe, etc., which is restricting use of known and common chemicals due to environmental legislation (for example: REACH).
  • How to approach equivalency of chemicals. Sometimes CMMs call out certain chemicals which are not in our stock. We might have other similar chemicals in stock, but can we use them? The equivalent must be REACH compliant too.
  • Many of our chemicals originate from the automobile industry. Shelf life for the automobile industry is longer than in the aviation industry. How is the aviation industry establishing shelf life?
  • Many chemicals are delivered in huge packages while we need just a small portion in our yearly consumption. Many times, we have to scrap quantities of chemicals, which pollutes the environment. How do we deal with this?
  • Avionics engineers sometimes need a quick answer from chemical engineers about equivalency. Sometimes it takes weeks or months to get an answer (which is sometimes not satisfactory). Are there any tips or tricks to speed up the process? Is there a better way to formulate questions for chemical engineers so they can act more efficiently?

Wednesday, May 3 – 3:20 p.m.

Nuisance Fault Messages


  • Rod Gates, American Airlines
  • Ron Parpart, Rockwell Collins
  • Dan Nguyen, The Boeing Company
  • Sven Biller, Lufthansa Technik


  • Anand Moorthy, American Airlines

This topic is considered an important one for most airlines; and it also is one that most larger suppliers and OEMs struggle with. This symposium will see three points of view on the panel:

  • An airline addressing the impacts: cost, delays, and safety.
  • A larger supplier offering insight on their causes, why they happen, and why they are so difficult to prevent and eliminate.
  • OEM(s) discussing the impact of increasingly complex systems comprised of boxes from multiple suppliers, faster data rates, connected aircraft, etc.

This symposium might not solve the industry problem with nuisance fault messages, but it could help spread a greater understanding of the causes, effects, and impacts to help us all find a path to improvement.

Cost to attend is $600. Members and Corporate Sponsors attend at no charge. For more information go to:

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For additional questions, please feel free to contact Sam Buckwalter, AMC Executive Secretary and Program Director at: sam.buckwalter(at)

The AMC is an air transport industry activity organized by ARINC Industry Activities and SAE Industry Technologies Consortia program. The objectives of AMC are to promote reliability and reduced operating cost in air transport avionics by improving maintenance and support techniques through the exchange of technical information. AMC consists of representatives from the technical leadership of the air transport avionics maintenance community. AMC promotes improved avionics reliability and performance at lower life-cycle cost through the coordination of common technical problems in the airlines. AMC saves the industry money each year through participation in the annual Avionics Maintenance Conference. AMC also tracks developing maintenance issues and new products and makes inputs to or develops standards to maintain safe aircraft with lower life-cycle costs.

ARINC Industry Activities (ARINC IA) is a SAE ITC (Industry Technologies Consortia) program. The SAE ITC team specializes in establishing and managing consortia by providing proven processes, tools and resources. ITC enables public, private, academic and government organizations to connect and collaborate in neutral, pre-competitive forums thus empowering the setting and implementation of strategic business improvements in highly engineered industries globally.

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