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Electronic Military & Defense was developed as a resource for engineers, program managers, project managers, and other professionals involved in the design and development of electronic and electro-optic systems for a wide range of defense and aerospace applications. Check out the digital edition of our latest issue for exclusive editorial on open architecture and standards applied to defense applications, overlooked EMC vulnerabilities, microfabrication, display technologies, and more.

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  • Aircraft Ducting Aeroduct Aircraft Ducting is available in five products, and allows users to reach cramped spaces found in aircraft
  • GPS-GLONASS Receiver The GG12 is an OEM GPS and GPS+GLONASS receiver for aviation applications
  • Flaw Detector The ED-1100 is a microprocessor-based impedance plane Eddy Current instrument offering high sensitivity and versatility
  • Wheel and Brake Assemblies We manufacture sand cast aluminum and magnesium wheel assemblies in our own foundry
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