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Electronic Military & Defense was developed as a resource for engineers, program managers, project managers, and other professionals involved in the design and development of electronic and electro-optic systems for a wide range of defense and aerospace applications. Check out the digital edition of our latest issue for exclusive editorial on wearable antennas for military applications, countering EMI threats, biological and chemical threat detection, advances in optical sensing, and more.

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  • Compact 640 x 480 Pixel Thermal Camera

    The Tamarisk®640 thermal camera is well suited for security and surveillance, UAVs, medical imaging equipment, analytic devices, man-portable imaging devices, and other applications with size, weight, and power (SWaP) restrictions.

  • Custom Manufactured Prisms and Wedges

    LaCroix Optical Co. manufactures custom precision prisms and wedges according to your exact specifications at our facility in Batesville, Arkansas. A wide variety of prisms and wedges are produced including: 90 degree, anamorphic, cube, dove, and correction wedges.

  • Multispectral Photodiodes: PixelSensor

    Multispectral photodiodes by PIXELTEQ benefit from a micro-patterned optical filter technology that shrinks spectral sensors enough to pack up to eight into a 9mm square footprint. They’re ideal for applications in color meters and monitors, portable optical sensors, biomedical instrumentation, industrial sorting and sensing, and in OEM multispectral devices.

  • Custom Optics and Assemblies

    Ross Optical offers a variety of lens types including spheres, aspheres, and micro optics. They’re available from under 1mm to over 150mm in diameter and are ideal for OEM applications in R&D, electronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and military markets.

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